Bartender who served Texas mass shooter arrested

This is an odd one. A bartender is being charged with an obscure Texas Law that allows the police to fine or imprison someone if they knowingly sell alcohol to a drunk, intoxicated or insane person.

The law is rarely enforced but in this case, the bartender’s negligence led to eight deaths.

Bartender Lindsey Megan Glass served alcohol to an inebriated Spencer James Hight back in 2017. She found that Hight was acting weird and clearly drunk. Hight was playing with a knife at the bar and then at one point even pulled out his gun. Glass asked him to put the knife away and he was asked to leave the bar until he was unarmed. But on top of showing off his weapons he was also going on about his estranged wife, Meredith Hight.

Glass was worried and consulted her fellow bartender Timothy Brandt Banks.

During this time, Banks suggested that due to Hight’s extreme intoxication, he should let Banks drive him home or call an Uber,” the lawsuit read. “Hight told Banks he was having problems with his estranged wife and had something to do ‘tonight.’ Banks told Hight he should do them when he is sober to which Hight responded that he ‘couldn’t do the things he needs to do tonight without being this intoxicated.”

Banks decided to call his boss, Jerry Owen, instead of the police and his boss told him not to worry about it. Banks still concerned asked Owen if he should tackle him before he leaves. Owen told him no. But the whole encounter bothered Glass and Banks, not enough to call 9-1-1, but enough to follow him.

So they followed Hight all the way back to his estranged wife’s house where he killed 8 people. Only after the gunfire did the negligent bartenders decide to call the police.

And that is why Glass is being charged with an obscure law. She is the only one they can go after. Hight was neutralized at the scene of the shooting. Glass was also being sued back in 2018 by the families of the victims but they strategically dropped the case.

So this whole thing could have been avoided had Glass, Banks, or even the bar owner Owen decided to take Hight’s threats seriously. Glass and Banks should have trusted their guts. They knew Hight was up to no good but failed to act.