Biden Throws His Own Son Under The Bus To Protect His Campaign

Dem Presidential Candidate Joe Biden may have made his last gaffe as there is video evidence of his involvement in Ukraine. Biden’s admission goes a long way to show how he manipulated the system to help his son. But it appears Biden is not aware that he went on the record about how he had a prosecutor that was investigating his son fired. So he ruthlessly threw his own son under the bus in an effort to protect his presidential campaign. Now that’s cold.

Watch Trump’s mash-up below:

Watch Biden’s Full Admission Here:


And it appears if it’s not his son then it’s Trump.

But if you look at the facts and Biden’s admission this looks pretty clean cut that Biden aided his son.

A foreign natural gas company brings a top US politician’s son onto its board, even though he has no relevant expertise, for $50,000 a month. The politician travels to that country and demands the removal of a prosecutor who’s investigating the company. That prosecutor then gets axed, and the investigation shut down.

Imagine the son was Eric Trump, and the politician Donald Trump. Would the media be dismissing it as nothing worth looking at, a “debunked” issue?

Yes, Ukraine’s chief prosecutor declared in May that he’d seen no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe or Hunter Biden. (Of course not: Again, the investigation got closed years ago.) Yet Yuriy Lut­senko also basically told Bloomberg News he didn’t want to see any such evidence: “I do not want Ukraine to again be the subject of US presidential elections.”

This looks like a pretty obvious abuse of power case. Hunter Biden was pulling 50k a month and the company was being investigated by the very prosecutor that his father had the power to get rid of and did. This isn’t complicated. But the MSM is doing their best to try and make Trump the bad guy as they know Biden is their best chance to win the 2020 presidential election.