Blue State Practically Allowed A Deranged Man To Attack A Child

A New York 6-year-old is in the hospital in serious condition after he was attacked by a deranged shirtless man. The 6-year-old was waiting outside with his brother waiting for his grandpa to come home with pizza, when the attack happened.

A homeless man is now facing charges Friday after police say he picked up a child and threw him to the ground in a random attack in Queens.

The incident was reported just before 5 p.m. Monday on Metropolitan Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard in Kew Gardens.”

Police say 35-year-old Lawrence Gendreau walked up to the 6-year-old boy, grabbed him and slammed him to the ground before pushing a second victim.”

“You heard that scream, you knew something serious was going on, it’s a kid that was picked up and smashed to the ground, nothing less than that,” the child’s grandfather Naftali Portnoy said.

Portnoy told CBS2 he saw the suspect — who he says was shirtless at the time — and followed him for more than two blocks towards Lefferts Blvd.

“I went after him, followed him, called 911, the police found him… He did say ‘I’m bipolar’ his first words were ‘I’m bipolar’ and something about ‘kill the kid’ wanted to kill the kid,” the grandfather added.”

Some people say homeless, I don’t know whether he’s homeless, but the emotionally deranged individual came into my driveway, picked up my grandson and then slammed him to the ground,” the victim’s grandfather said.”

The badly injured 6-year-old, identified by family as Avraham Yirmyahu Chaya Toiva, was in critical but stable condition at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center with a collapsed lung and bleeding on the brain, grandfather Rabbi Naftali Portnoy told The Post.”

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The suspect remained Friday at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center under psychiatric evaluation — a familiar situation for the vagrant, who has been in and out of mental health facilities for months.

He also is no stranger to crime, sources and records show.

An hour before attacking the boy, Gendreau robbed an 80-year-old woman less than a mile away on the Union Turnpike, stealing her iPad, according to law enforcement sources.”

There was also an incident this past January “at the Popeye’s on Lexington Avenue near East 26th Street, he went berserk and hit an elderly woman in the leg with a chair, leading cops to charge him with felony assault, sources and records show.

But the Manhattan DA’s office downgraded the charges to misdemeanor assault — and as per bail-reform measures supported by Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gendreau was released without bail, despite being a known as an emotionally disturbed person with violent tendencies.”

He should never have been released. This family should go after the city for this. The little boy has his whole life in front of him and now who knows how he is going to come out of it. This is all because a New York judge and a prosecutor somehow thought it was ok to release a deranged man, that had already proven to be a danger to the public.