California Governor Desperately Blames Red State For Homeless Problem

Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to point fingers as he doesn’t want to be blamed for the trainwreck that is California. They have tried to fix the homeless problem, but they did it in a way that shows they should not be in charge, by spending almost 700k per apartment in an attempt to house them. For some reason, the money did not go far enough…

So now we have Governor Newsom here trying to evade all blame and go after none other than Texas. So was Texas sending busloads of homeless people to California? No, it turns out this whole ‘Texas is at fault claim’ is likely because Californians like to visit there. Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore appeared on FOX, where he talked about this ludicrous notion that somehow Texas is at fault for California’s booming homeless population.

What you’re seeing here are the words of a desperate man that we should almost feel sorry for,” DeVore, who served as a California assemblyman for six years claimed.

“Governor Gavin Newsom has been in office now for 22 straight years, starting at the San Francisco board of supervisors,” he added.

Homelessness has been rampant across the state of California in the past few years and merchants and homeowners have become increasingly vocal.”

There’s more freedom in places like Texas, more opportunity to do what you want to do,” he said.”

Newsom’s statement is contradicted by San Francisco’s own point in time homeless counts. Those reports are conducted every two years.

They consistently show a large majority of people surveyed said they lived in San Francisco prior to becoming homeless.

A smaller share said they lived in another California county. Often the smallest percentage said they lived out of state before becoming homeless in San Francisco.

The 2019 report found 70 percent had lived in the city; 22 percent in another California county and 8 percent out-of-state. Of that 70 percent, more than half, or 55 percent, reported living in San Francisco for a decade or more before losing their home. Just 6 percent said they had lived in the city for less than a year.”

Only in California can 70% somehow be less than 6%. He should just own up to it already and admit that he doesn’t know how to fix the homeless problem. It would be better than these blatant lies.