California’s Failed Leadership Causes A Businessman To Be Attacked

Another Californian is thinking about abandoning the true blue state. Gilles De Saulniers has been attacked by the homeless twice now and is starting to realize that he is on his own, as his Liberal leaders are failing to act.

“Gilles DeSaulniers, 67, said he was trying to subdue a homeless man who had pushed his sister after she tried to eject him for the second time that day from their South of Market store.

But while holding onto him, the man ‘twisted his head’ and bit the shopkeeper’s arm in an attempt to escape.

Police later arrested 29-year-old Adam Aschebrock for aggravated assault and battery.

‘It’s just not worth it. Yeah, you know, we pay taxes to the city. The police can’t do anything. The laws have changed,’ Mr DeSaulniers told ABC 7.”

He says conditions around Harvest Urban Market, which he opened with his sister in the South of Market neighborhood 16 years ago, have deteriorated, according to the station.”

DeSaulniers “has taken pictures of encampments near his business and says his back door will soon need to be replaced because it’s rusted out after being urinated on so many times.

“They create a lot of garbage. There is feces on the sidewalk. They’ll piss on back door. It smells, it’s a public health nuisance,” DeSaulniers said. “The public health department wants us to keep everything nice, but when you walk outside the door, it’s like to plague all over again.”

He says he’s found people selling and doing drugs inside his restrooms often.”

About every half hour to hour we have some kind of incident, another theft, violence, crazy people walking around, people who need mental health,” he told KRON. “There’s needles everywhere… people have threatened me with a needle.”

Desaulniers says he and his sister, who says she’s also been attacked in the store, are considering shutting down the business, according to the station.

“It’s just not worth it,” Desaulniers said, KGO reported. “We’re not even running our business anymore. We’re basically dealing with street people.”

Watch The Video Here. 

Why stay in California? The rent is high, cities are filthy, and the homeless population is out of control. Who wants to do business in an area where they have to worry about contracting the plague or being attacked by a homeless person? He should get out while he can before he catches a medieval disease.