Candice Owens Calls Out Dems For Pandering At Colleges [Video]

I’m sure Elizabeth Warren’s intentions were to seem ‘hip’ to the younger crowds but her intentions fell short and highlighted how out of touch she is with pop-culture. In her address to the Lesley College graduates, Warren joked that “life is full of unexpected challenges, things that pop up and make you wonder about reality. I mean, is Kanye really OK?” she asked. “Did someone bite Beyoncé’s face? Did the president of the United States really tweet about — let’s not talk about that.”

Then there was Hillary’s disastrous performance at Yale where she continued to harp on losing the 2016 elections and awkwardly joked about ‘being over it’ but not ‘over it’?

Let’s not forget about Nancy Pelosi’s address to Mount Holyoke College graduates that was so long winded that half of the students must have fallen asleep. At least Pelosi’s speech was more in-line with what you would expect in a commencement address- however empty and silent that audience may have been.

The point is that commencement speakers are meant to inspire and congratulate the newly graduated young minds but Democrats keep taking the opportunity to peddle their political rhetoric. How about these talking heads step down off of their soapboxes for a while and just do what is expected of them?

What Hillary actually said was:

“No, I’m not over it, I still think about the 2016 election, I still regret the mistakes I made,” Clinton said during an address as part of Yale University’s Class Day. “Today, as a person, I’m Okay. As an American, I’m concerned.”

“This is a moment to reach across divides of race, class, and politics to try to see the world through the eyes of people very different from ourselves and to return to rational debate,” she continued, speaking of “radical empathy” in the face of heightened partisanship and otherness.

At some point, she paraded a Russian hat and bumbled out a few more awkward ‘jokes’ before sulking away to wherever Clintons go when they’re not making a mockery of the political system.