Chuck Todd Gets The President To Admit The One Thing He Would Do Differently.

Trump tried to bridge the gap and actually appeared on the MSM’ s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd. Todd asked an innocent question about what one thing Trump would change if he could, before trying to compare AG Bill Barr to Roy Cohn.

“If you could have one do-over as president, what would it be?” Todd asked

“Well, it would be personnel. I would say if I had one do over it would be I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. That would be my one.”Trump replied.

“Is Bill Barr your Roy Cohn?” Todd asked.

“No, no, no, look, I have had many lawyers, Roy was one of them he was a tough guy.

Todd interjected, “Bill Barr is he cut from the same cloth do you think?”

“Bill Barr is equally tough,” Trump responded. “He’s a fine man, the job he has done, he’s incredible. He has brought sanity back. He is respected. He loves the Department of Justice. He saw what was happening. He has done a spectacular job and now he is the process of doing something and I stay away from it. But I think he feels what has happened in this country is a very bad thing and very bad for our country.”

Watch The Video Below.

Roy Cohn was an American lawyer best known for being Senator Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel during the Army–McCarthy hearings, in 1954, for assisting with McCarthy’s investigations of suspected communists, as a top political fixer, and for being Donald Trump’s mentor and personal lawyer.

Born in New York City and educated at Columbia University, Cohn rose to prominence as a U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor at the espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, which concluded with the Rosenbergs’ executions in 1953. As McCarthy’s chief counsel, Cohn came to be closely associated with McCarthyism and its downfall. He also represented and mentored Trump during his early business career.

Cohn was disbarred by the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court for unethical conduct in 1986,[2] and died five weeks later from AIDS-related complications.”

I don’t see how Chuck Todd would think Barr is like Cohn. Todd is just another Dem upset that the Mueller Report was not the golden goose that they thought it would be. Barr is just the messenger of the good news that Dems have been wasting their time when it comes to trying to impeach Trump.