“Clean Air” Paris Has A Disgusting Secret [Video]

Looks like France had their own San Francisco called Paris. The intoxicated, babies and some elderly have problems with incontinence. In Paris, they apparently have a problem with public urination, serious enough that they felt the need to make public urinals. To no one’s surprise, the local residents are not happy about it.

The local government somehow felt that instead of arresting the drunk and disorderly they would just give them a place to pee. Locals are outraged especially about one particular urinal that overlooks the Seine River. So much so that they are petitioning their Town Hall to take it down.

There’s no need to put something so immodest and ugly in such an historic spot,” said Paola Pellizzari, 68, owner of a Venetian art store.

She feared the urinal, installed about 20 metres from a primary school, “incites exhibitionism”.

It’s horrible,” said the 50-year-old owner of a nearby art gallery, who declined to give his name. “We’re told we have to accept this but this is absolutely unacceptable. It’s destroying the legacy of the island. Can’t people behave?“

Residents have complained to the Mayor but he supports the urinals.

If we don’t do anything, then men are just going to pee in the streets,” Weil said. “If it is really bothering people, we will find another location.”

The urinals have also sparked the attention of local feminists who feel that the very public bathrooms are geared towards men.

Gwendoline Coipeault from the feminist group Femmes Solidaires added that the urinals are sexist.

“They have been installed on a sexist proposition: men cannot control themselves [from the bladder point of view] and so all of society has to adapt,” said Coipeault. “It’s absurd, no one needs to urinate in the street.”

Why don’t they just make a public restroom, a real one, less open to the public? But at least they are trying, unlike the local government in San Fransisco.