CNN Poll Surprise: Reported The Truth About The Mueller Investigation – For ONCE!

CNN is usually an overly biased news source. They have rude reporters like Acosta and political analysts like Brian Karem. If that were not enough they are known for their fake news. But they came through and actually reported something true. In a poll of about 1000 people, they found that most people are sick of the Mueller investigation. The results were across party lines as both Democrats and Republicans are fed up.

“A CNN poll released Tuesday found 66 percent of those asked want Mueller to end the investigation before voters head to the polls. Fifty-seven percent of Democrats and 72 percent of Republicans say they want Mueller to wrap it up before November.

Thirty-four percent of poll respondents said the investigation was not an important factor in the November elections, while 63 percent said it would affect their vote.”

Trump has tweeted constantly about Mueller’s “witch hunt.” Trump’s lawyers have been negotiating with Mueller’s team about a possible interview with the president, which is seen as a necessary step in wrapping up the investigation.

Seventy percent of poll respondents believe the president should testify under oath in the Russia investigation, and 25 percent said he should not. An overwhelming majority of Democrats, 92 percent, believe he should, while only 39 percent of Republicans think he should sit down with Mueller’s team.

The CNN poll was conducted Aug. 9-12 among a sample of 1,002 adults. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.”

That’s amazing, CNN actually reported against their usual agenda. It’s almost as if they forgot their narrative for a day. But it just goes to show that people are that sick of this Trump witch hunt. People see that it is only further dividing the country and wasting taxpayers money. We need our intelligence agencies to get back to work.  Most importantly we need the MSM and Liberals to get over themselves and accept that Trump is their president. A president that is trying his best to make America Great Again.