CNN Slams Homemakers In Another Attempt To Bash Trump

Donald Trump invited the Clemson Tigers Football Team to The White House to celebrate their victory. But thanks to the Democrats we are still in the govt shutdown. So Trump bought the food for the dinner using his own money. He also made a quick joke about how ludicrous it would be for a football team to eat salad and how a salad was not going to cut it.

Trump: “So I had a choice. Do we have no food for you? Because we have a shutdown, or do we give you some little quick salads that the first lady will make, along with — along with the second lady, they’ll make some salads.

[19:35:06] And I said, you guys aren’t into salads, or do I go out, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, do I go out and send out for about 1,000 hamburgers? Big Macs. So we actually did that.”

But CNN Hosts didn’t find this comment to be innocent, No. They claimed Trump was marginalizing women and in normal CNN fashion attempted to demonize the president.

“WALSH: That’s appalling. It seems to me like the president will not be happy until there is not one single female Republican voter in the country. It’s incredibly sexist. It also — I mean, I don’t know why I’m stuck on this, but Ivanka is not the second lady. She is actually — I don’t think she deserves this position. She’s actually a senior adviser to the president.

So, the idea that he would demean her specifically in that way, he shouldn’t talk about the first lady that way. We aren’t all here to make salads for men. It’s disgusting.

BURNETT: I’m presuming he was talking about Karen Pence when he said “second lady.”

WALSH: Oh, God, I’m sorry. But she shouldn’t be doing it either. BURNETT: I mean, Scott, look —

WALSH: That’s crazier.

BURNETT: — sometimes what people say when they’re being funny exposes exactly who they are and what they think. Not that there was any question, but this is pretty clear.

JENNINGS: I certainly didn’t take his comments to be sexist. I think that if somebody took them that way, you know, that’s fine —

BURNETT: So Mike Pence maybe could have made the salads —

BURNETT: Scott, can I just ask you, how in the world can you not see that as sexist, to make the assumption that his wife will go make salads for a bunch of football players? What is she, the cook?

JENNINGS: I didn’t hear it that way. We make salads almost every night.


BURNETT: Do you expect your wife to make them all for you? Maybe she does! Fine.

JENNINGS: I make some and she makes some.

BURNETT: OK, but that’s not what he said!

JENNINGS: I didn’t take it that way, if somebody took it that way, that’s fine. It didn’t strike me that way. I think he was trying to make a joke about feeding hamburgers to football players. I think you might be over-reading this one.

BURNETT: I’m not over-reading it. He made a joke that was sexist about woman. I guess maybe what we’re disagreeing with is whether it’s funny and whether humor is something that’s serious.

WALSH: I think Scott’s disagreeing that it’s sexist, which he’s entitled to his opinion. It’s not going to be a popular one, but —

JENNINGS: I didn’t — it didn’t strike me that way. And I’m not — I — I’m surprised, I’m surprised that you all are taking it that way, but that’s fine.


BURNETT: I’m going to leave it there. Yeah, no, I have to say, I’m open about when I have an opinion on things, I feel pretty strongly it’s a sexist thing to say.”

So if a wife makes the meals in the home, she is being oppressed? Are females no longer allowed to take of their families? This is just another great example of how out of touch CNN is. Trump did not say his wife is his slave the only thing he implied is that she cooked for him. But I guess that a wife taking care of her husband is frowned upon by the MSM. But that figures as the left is not pro-life, or pro-family.