Colorado Arms Dealer Provides Local Synagogues With Free Deterrents

In wake of the recent Synagogue tragedy in Pittsburgh, a Colorado Springs gun dealer is stepping up and helping his local Rabbis keep their congregations safe. Colorado Gun Dealer, Mel Bernstein, owner of Dragon Arms, offered local Rabbis free AR-15s or a handgun for those that thought the rifle was too much.

“I feel very bad that someone can walk into a synagogue or church and start shooting and they can’t protect themselves,” Bernstein said.

So far four Rabbis have taken him up on his offer and a fifth has opted for a handgun. He feels it is common sense to arm local synagogues.

“Let’s say there’s a fire in a synagogue. What do you grab? You grab a fire extinguisher right?” Bernstein, who goes by the name Dragonman, said on the NBC affiliate’s program. “OK, let’s say somebody comes in and starts shooting everybody. What are you going to grab? You grab your AR-15 or a rifle or a handgun.”

Word spread of his good deeds and requests have been pouring in. Rabbis nationwide have expressed interest in the offer. But Bernstein claims that he can only supply them to people within the state.

“I can’t supply every rabbi because I’d be out of business,” he said.

Bernstein has the Rabbis go through all of the appropriate steps in order to receive the firearms. Looks like Rabbis in the Colorado Springs area will be a force to be reckoned with.

The day of the shooting Trump had suggested that a security guard could have prevented the incident.

After the shootings, U.S. President Donald Trump said, “This is a case where if they had an armed guard inside, they may have been able to stop him immediately. Maybe there would have been nobody killed, except for him maybe.”

Trump has a point a guard would help, but maybe if they just had access to a weapon they’d be fine. If it were known that they could defend themselves that would make most criminals think twice.