Dad Finds Himself In Custody Battle For Disagreeing With His Wife Over Their Son Wanting A Gender Swap

Geez, this is how you know things have progressed too far in the wrong direction. A father’s custody rights are in jeopardy over the oddest thing. He is not abusive nor delinquent. In fact, he is fighting with the mother to stop her from imposing her gender identity beliefs onto their six-year-old son, James. The mother, Anne Georgulas, claims the son that she has enrolled in school as a girl named “Luna” is a transgender girl. On top of this confusing situation, the parents are going through a divorce and the mother is seeking full custody.

But the father, Jeffrey Younger, sees things a tad different when it comes to Jame’s gender identity.

Meanwhile, Dad isn’t seeing signs of gender dysphoria. In the father’s home, James appears to be a normal boy and doesn’t identify as a girl. He has a choice of boy’s or girl’s clothes there, and he chooses to dress as a boy. The fact that James changes gender identity depending on which parent is present makes the diagnosis of gender dysphoria both dubious and harmful.”

“Dad told me, “James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home.”

“Eyewitness accounts from friends corroborate dad’s observations of James preferring to be a boy. Bill Lovell, the senior pastor of Christ Church Carrollton, wrote: “Based on the three occasions I’ve spent time with him, I’d say he acts and looks unmistakably like a healthy six-year-old boy. … I am praying for James, an average six-year-old boy, a sweet-natured, intelligent, lovable and at this point particularly vulnerable young man, caught up in a titanic clash of worldviews.”

But it is concerning that the mother is pushing full steam ahead with this claim. She believes the therapist.

“When his mother, a pediatrician, took James for counseling, she chose a gender transition therapist who diagnosed him with gender dysphoria, a mental conflict between physical sex and perceived gender. James’ precious young life hinges purely on the diagnosis of gender dysphoria by a therapist who wraps herself in rainbow colors, affirms the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and dismisses evidence to the contrary.”

The way that James acts shows that he is not suffering from Gender Dysphoria. He is only two years away from irreversible procedures that the mother will likely impose upon him.

“If we do not save James from a misdiagnosis, his next step is chemical castration at age eight, only two years away. James needs a more comprehensive psychological assessment to explore why he identifies as a girl with mom and as a boy with dad. I want to do what I can to “Save James” from his gender nightmare, and to raise awareness about how easily children can be misdiagnosed and labeled as gender dysphoric and the extensive damage that can cause in their young lives.

This is the nightmare situation for the child and father.  We can only hope that the mother comes to her senses or the courts judge fairly. The mother could destroy her child’s life all because a quack therapist gave her the ok. This should be considered abuse on the mother’s part. The child is six his views are greatly dependent on the parent. She should be ashamed but sadly there are people out there that think she would be praised.

You can help the Younger save his son here.