Dan Bongino Tears Montel Williams Apart After Token Comment

Dan Bongino a regular political commentator on FOX News found himself in a Twitter battle with Montel Williams after he unblocked Molly Jong-Fast the token liberal over at thebulwark.com.

thebulwark.com is supposedly a conservative site but for some reason they feel the need to have a leftist on staff. If that’s not bad enough they sent her off to cover CPAC where she had the nerve to make fun of a man dying of cancer, conservative radio host John Batchelor.

Dan Bongino saw this and unblocked her on Twitter to see how people would react to her callous remark. He then had to deal with her childish name calling from Jong-Fast, who referred to him as Bingo Bongo.


Bingo bongo unblocked me. What does this mean?”


“I had to see you get destroyed for poking fun at a cancer victim. You’re a sad, sorry human being and a dope to boot. You didn’t even know who John Batchelor was while being paid to cover a conservative conference. What an imbecile!”

But it didn’t end there.

For whatever reason Montel Williams felt compelled to get involved with their argument.

“Dear Dan: such a tough guy you are that you even blocked my publicist ??.

– Montel”

Jong-Fast thought this was great and Bongino simply responded with an ok gif.

But Montel was not done and decided to try an bring race into the mix.

Let’s not get this twisted, Dan – you were a so-so secret service agent who has gone carpetbagging around the country trying to run for Congress and failing. You are now the token black guy who yells and screams stupid shit on Fox to please the master like a minstrel.”

Bongino owned him his response:

1) I’m not black, I’m Italian. Seriously, can you get any dumber?
2) You’re not even a “has been” you’re a “never was.” Attacking my work in the Secret Service is disgraceful, even for you. I’ll wait for your apology. ??

He also added a record about his performance.

Montel came back at Bongino trying to make himself look better.

“True – I have a degree in engineering from the Naval Academy (you don’t), have a bunch of Emmy awards from my show (you have zero), and I earn more in a week than you will this year. I’m winning. @MollyJongFast

But Montel could not leave it at that and decided to come at him again.

“You’ll be waiting some time then. Would you like a blanket while you wait in your safe space since you’re such a touch guy?”

So Bongino responded one more time.

But Montel didn’t take this well and got angry.


Montel was defending an obnoxious liberal who was making fun of a guy who has cancer. He brought race and jobs into the fight. He then claimed his engineering degree was on the same level as being in the secret service. I commend him for his service but what? Montel was a talk show host, how are you going to compare that to a political commentator. One talks about paternity tests the other talks about the state of the country. Does Montel really think he won?