Dems Fuming After Poll Reveals What Mexican-American’s Really Think About Illegals

The Dems like to think that all of their Mexican American constituents would be behind them in their effort to demonize the deportation of illegals.

But it turns out according to a poll by the Washington Post, most Mexican Americans would disagree with Dems.

The Washington Post/Reforma survey asked, “What should Mexico do with the migrants from Central America that cross through the country trying to reach the United States? Give them residency in Mexico, give them temporary residency while the United States decides if it will accept them or not, or deport them to their countries of origin?”

Only 7% of respondents said they would like the illegal immigrants to stay, 33% said they would prefer giving them a temporary place to stay, and a whopping 55% said they wanted to see the illegal immigrants deported.

Further, the pollsters asked, “With which of these phrases do you agree the most? The migrants strengthen our country with their work and skills or the migrants are a burden on our country because they take jobs and receive benefits that should belong to Mexicans.” Only 20% of respondents felt the migrants strengthened Mexico while a huge 64% said the migrants were a burden.”

Mexicans are also sick of the invasion of migrants.

In Mexico, the presence of the immigrants is now starting to become irritating. Six out of every 10 Mexicans agree that the Government should prevent them from crossing, and only one in ten people think they should be allowed to travel freely through the country. This according to a survey in the Mexican newspaper El Universal.”

Madrigal added, “According to the survey, 44 percent of Mexicans believe that the government of President Andres Manuel López Obrador should immediately expel immigrants from the country, and 57 percent do not believe the Government should allow them into the national territory.”

This makes sense. Mexicans are being harassed by the onslaught of migrants entering their country trying to get to this country. What sane person would want that?