DNC Chair Struggles To Answer Question About The Abolish ICE Movement

DNC Chair Tom Perez was given the chance to address his fellow Democrats and could have even had a positive impact, but you know that didn’t happen. Perez was on MSNBC with Chris Hayes where he was asked about his stance on the Abolish ICE Movement.

Hayes: “There’s been calls to end, obviously the family separation policy…,There have also been calls to abolish ICE. There’s legislation that’s been introduced by Democratic members of Congress, some Democratic Senators have endorsed that position as others, do you think we should abolish ICE?”

Perez: “We should defeat Donald Trump, That’s what we should do. Leaders set the tone of this nation-”

Hayes: “Wait, Did you just say we should abolish Donald Trump?”

Perez: “Donald Trump’s tone of intolerance. His tolerance… for total ethical lapses whether it is the EPA or HHS or elsewhere. This administration has set the tone. I went after Joe Arpaio. We sued him when I was the head of the civil rights division. I didn’t try to abolish the Meracopaconni Sheriff’s Office. We understood the problem lied in the leadership of Joe Arpaio and Joe Arpaio is now the former sheriff and the current sheriff has worked very hard to change the culture.

We need a change in leadership at the top levels of this country. We need to elect Democrats so that we can make sure that our values of inclusion and opportunity, are values that are now holding score, holding sway in the United States. I think that is the most important thing that we can do is win elections in November so that we can reform ICE. So that we can reform the EPA. So that we can change this culture of corruption that has infected the federal government. It has infected The Federal Government because it is leadership in the form of this president is ethically void.”

Watch the Video Below. 

Towards the end of the segment, he goes on to say we could reform ICE if there were more Democrats elected but he never gives his opinion about the Abolish ICE Movement or at least not in this interview. In a previous interview, with Chris Cuomo, the same topic was brought up the closest to an answer was that he was happy that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had won and she ran on an Abolish ICE Platform. The way he keeps dodging this it seems like he doesn’t want to come out and say that he is Anti-ICE but it does look likely.