Don Lemon insists Trump Is Acting Like A King

CNN Host Don Lemon is upset that Trump is still making progress despite the Dem’s best efforts to thwart his presidency. Lemon like many Dems is sour that The Mueller Report was a dud as far the Trump haters are concerned. So he is trying to make it out like Trump is following in the footsteps of dictators and Tyrants, since the collision and impeachment claims now hold no weight.

“You’ve got to wonder why this president loves to surround himself with strongmen, dictators. He’s met with them in the Oval Office. He’s met with them around the world,” Lemon said during a Wednesday broadcast, pointing to Trump’s meetings with Saudi Arabian, Turkish, Egyptian, North Korean leaders.

Lemon went on to show a clip of Trump hater Rep Jerold Nadler who backed Lemon’s tyrant claim.

“In effect, the president is a tyrant and a dictator with no limit on his power and that is unamerican,” Nadler claimed.

“You don’t think those words are too strong at this point, a tyrant and a dictator?” host Erin Burnett asked.

“Well he is trying to become…I don’t know that he is trying but the implication of what they are doing would make the president a tyrant in the sense of not being accountable to the American people, not being answerable to Congress, that no one can hold him accountable, and that is simply unamerican and we cannot abide it,” Nadler responded

Watch the Clip Below.

That Nadler clip was laughable, he is clearly biased. That backpedal was great after he assumed that he knew what Trump was thinking. Trump is transparent it’s the Dems that are shady.

Lemon went on to say that Nadler’s response was due to Trump claiming he would defy every subpoena. Lemon then jumped to a clip where Trump said he was going to fight every subpoena. But there was no context to the clip just the single sentence as Lemon is trying to sell his narrative.

These subpoenas are BS. A.G. Barr is following the law. The Dems just don’t like it and are trying to find a loophole in hopes of finding incriminating evidence into Trump.

CNN Host Don Lemon is clearly afraid that Trump is going to infringe upon his rights, oh wait that’s what the Dems do. Lemon is afraid that Trump is going to continue to make our country great?

He is just suffering from Trump derangement syndrome as many at CNN do. Trump does not want to be our king or a Tyrant he simply wants to do his job in MAGA.