“Family Guy” Creator Puts SCOTUS On Blast For Religious Baker Decision

The Freedom of Speech is a tough pill for most to swallow. As long as people are not inciting violence or promoting hate speech, they are within their rights. A Baker was sued for denying service to a gay couple. He denied them because marriage between two people of the same sex was against his religion. So the controversy arose when the couple claimed they were being discriminated against. The case went all the way up to The Supreme Court of the United States. The SCOTUS decided that the baker was within his rights to deny service.

The Family Guy Creator went to Twitter to express his outrage over the decision.

Here’s one of many problems with Monday’s myopic Supreme Court ruling on “religious freedom”: It’s a shorter walk than we think particularly today from “I won’t bake them a cake because they’re gay” to “I won’t seat him here because he’s black.”

Those who balk at that comparison may wish to remind themselves that religion was deployed to justify far worse treatment not so very long ago. Freedom of (and freedom from) religion is a fundamental right that must never be impinged, however only a fool would ignore the reality that religion can be, and has, been used to absolve any number of unjust enterprises. As the saying goes, “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” And in this case, the nose is a penis.”

Watch the News Reel Below.

It is a tough call. On the one hand, you can let the Free Market decide if a Baker refuses customers, they will go elsewhere. But McFarlane had a point. When the United States First ended segregation they had to force people to allow Black folks into segregated restaurants. The government used the commerce clause to do so, as many were unwilling to embrace the desegregation.

But do gay people have the same rights? There are not any signs out on businesses that read: “Straight Only” but some feel that there may as well be. Is this Baker’s denial of service discrimination? As a Business owner doesn’t he have that right? Regardless of the issues why would you want a cake from someone that doesn’t want to make it for you?