Former Swamp Chairwoman Defends Obama After Massive Failure To Do His JOB

The Dems are trying their best to twist the Mueller Report into an incriminating document. But as far as collusion goes it seems like Obama may be more responsible for allowing the Russians to meddle with Americans affairs than anyone else. FOX Commentator and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile tried her best to defend Obama for doing nothing to stop the Russians.

Brazile defended former President Barack Obama on Friday as he faced criticism for his response to Russian meddling during the 2016 election.

“I think they did everything they could without sounding all of the alarm bells,” she said”

He was in a box,” Brazile said of Obama. “Perhaps President Trump is in a box,” she added, before calling for action to prevent future meddling. Her comments came as the Obama administration faced renewed scrutiny over spying on the Trump campaign.

They then moved on to talk about impeaching the president, a popular topic among Democrats. But instead of the usual Trump hate that many Dems are spewing, Brazile chose to make a more informed answer.

I think it’s premature to talk about what the next step is,” she said. “Before we can move into what I call the impeachment gear, perhaps we should just dive into this report,” she added.

At least she feels that the report needs to be looked at before jumping the gun like Maxine Waters.

But she is not alone in her thinking as it appears the current DNC Chair is also not ready to talk Trump impeachment.

Do you think politically, as the chairman of the Democratic Party, that that is the right thing for the Democratic Party to do?” Fox News host Bret Baier asked during his show, “Special Report.”

“I think that there are more questions to be asked here,” Perez said after Baier repeated the question.

“We don’t know whether obstruction occurred. There were 954 redactions,” he said in reference to the investigative report released by the Justice Department earlier in the day.”

They should know that the Mueller Report is not the incriminating document that the Dems were all hoping for.

Both AG Barr and Shapiro, a Harvard Law Graduate, have said the same thing, the report contains embarrassing things by a president persecuted by the Dems, but not incriminating.