French President Macron Makes Biden Sized Gaffe About Trump

French President Macron and many countries in Europe were upset when Trump pulled us out of the nuclear deal with Iran. They felt that Trump made a mistake as they are fighting to keep the deal alive. Macron is practically kissing the ground Iran Prime Minister Rouhanu walks on to try and keep the deal going. So much so that he made an error after inviting the Iranian Prime Minister to the G-7 Summit, he claimed that the Iranian Prime Minister and Trump were on the same level.

Pardonnez-moimonsieur le président Rouhani is not “Trump’s level.” Rouhani is prime minister of Iran. He plays an important role in Iranian politics. He is the public face of the regime. But he is neither head of state nor, in actuality, head of government. That person is the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is Khamenei, not Rouhani, who exercises ultimate control over Iranian foreign policy…If Trump really were to meet with his Iranian equivalent, it would be with Khamenei.”

But despite Macron’s mistake, he did make some headway in his goal to bring Iran and the U.S. together to the talk about the nuclear deal.

At Monday’s press conference, Mr. Trump said that for any new deal, he was “looking for no nuclear weapons, no ballistic missiles and a longer period of time”.

It is not clear whether Iran would accept any new conditions – Iran’s state-run Press TV, quoting unnamed sources, said that Iran had rejected talks about its missile program, as “non-negotiable”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Macron said that “we need to be sure Iran will never get nuclear weapons”, but he recognized the Iranians would also want “economic compensation of some form” to convince them to agree to additional security demands.

Mr. Trump also appeared to be open to this, as he said talks were already underway for other countries to potentially provide Iran with credit, secured by oil, to keep its economy afloat.

The US would not be paying, but there was the possibility of “a letter of credit… from numerous countries”, he said.”

So it could be a win-win for everyone if the United States can come out ahead this time in the deal.