Freshman Dem Claims Trump Is “Afraid Of Women Of Color”

Rep Rashida Tlaib doesn’t know when to quit. She had the gall to say that the president of the United States is “afraid of women of color.” This was all because Trump didn’t buy into her BS story about why she couldn’t go to Israel even when granted access.

Tlaib gave the following excuse for why she couldn’t visit her grandmother:

“She [Tlaib’s grandmother] said I’m her dream manifested, I’m her free bird, so why would I come back and be caged and bow down when my election rose her head up high [and] gave her dignity for the first time,” Tlaib stated through tears.”

Trump didn’t buy her crocodile tears and said as much on Twitter.

“Sorry, I don’t buy Rep. Tlaib’s tears. I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long. Now tears? She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite. She and her 3 friends are the new face of the Democrat Party. Live with it!”

During an interview, Tlaib came back at Trump claiming he was afraid of her… Yeah right…

“In her first in-depth interview since her planned visit with Omar to the Palestinian territories was cancelled, Tlaib said Trump was attacking women of color for a reason.

“It’s been very clear to me, especially this last week, that he’s scared of us,” Tlaib said. “He’s afraid of women of color … because we’re not afraid of him and we’re not afraid to speak up and say that we have a white supremacist in the White House who has a hate agenda.

“He’s afraid because we have a real agenda for the American people.”

“He can bring it,” she said, “because we actually have policies that came from the people. What he’s doing by choosing us four as his target is trying to distract folks from the fact that more people are living in poverty than ever, because he has failed as a president.”

It’s too bad her family doesn’t take precedent to her hate. Tlaib just doesn’t like it when someone sees through her fake persona and Trump was not fooled.