Giuliani Shuts Down MSM’s Slanderous Assumptions

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” with host Maria Bartiromo. He cleared the air and explained that he was protecting his client and despite what the MSM is selling, there was no foul play of any sort. But as far as Biden is concerned he did not hold back and explained there was definitely shady dealings.

“My role is very, very simple. I’m a lawyer defending a client,” Giuliani told

Giuliani also defended his role in exploring allegations that Joe Biden, as vice president, pressured Ukraine into firing top prosecutor Viktor Shokin by threatening to withhold $1 billion that was owed to Ukraine.

“I wasn’t trying to get dirty information on Biden. Biden was in our way,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani brought with him an affidavit from Shokin which claimed that he was pressured into resigning because he was unwilling to drop a case against energy company Burisma Holdings, where Biden’s son Hunter was a board member. The affidavit states that it was pressure from the U.S. — specifically Biden — in the form of withholding the billion dollars that led to Shokin leaving office.

Giuliani also raised suspicion about what Biden knew about his son’s business dealings while he was vice president, and what Biden’s own role was. He claimed that Biden’s son received money from China in an effort to buy the favor of the vice president.”

Giuliani’s job is to defend Trump. If you watch the news you’ll see Trump needs all the help he can get, as Dems are constantly looking for ways to get rid of him. Pelosi just called for impeachment proceedings over Trump looking into a case of corruption. But the MSM and Dems would have you believe he is Hitler incarnate. I guess the Dems just can’t handle the idea of making America great again.