Graham Demands House Dems Go Public With Impeachment Squashing Evidence

The Dems are once again wasting our time. Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff are all trying to blow the whole Ukraine thing way out of proportion. They want the public to believe that this is an impeachable act because right now they are sitting on the truth. They have the Volkner testimony that supposedly destroys their current narrative, that both Senator Graham and Rep Jordan feel the public should see.

Graham tweeted the following to warn Dems that they need to go public or else.

“If House D’s refuse to release full transcript of Volker testimony as requested by Congressman Jordan, it will be an abuse of power.”

If this continues, I will call Volker before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify publicly to ensure the full story is told.”

But Graham is not alone in this as Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan also wants the Dems to release the transcripts already. He wants the public to see how Dems are wasting our time again.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., should release the full transcript of U.S. envoy Kurt Volker’s congressional testimony, to show there was no quid pro quo agreement between President Trump and Ukraine, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., said on “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday.

Jordan pushed Schiff to release all documents and texts related to Volker’s closed-door testimony and accused him of selectively choosing what information he would share with the public, to appease political considerations.

“Release the transcript so they can see what Ambassador Volker spent nine hours telling us,” Jordan said. “Where he said there was no quid pro quo, there was no linkage… between security assistance dollars for Ukraine and any type of investigation into anyone in Ukraine or any investigation into the Bidens.

“He was clear about that [and] reinforced exactly what President [Volodymyr] Zelensky said when he said, ‘I was not pushed by the administration,'” he continued. “Adam Schiff won’t release that. Instead, there were 67 pages of text messages. Adam Schiff took a few of those text messages and released them. Release them all.”

This is why A.G. Barr had to explain the results of the Mueller Report because apparently the Dems refuse to acknowledge facts and would rather continue to sell their anti-Trump narrative, as opposed to telling the truth.