Hillary Blasts “Deplorable” out of the Water with What She’s Calling MAGA

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter as she has a new way to come after Trump. She claims that MAGA is the slogan of White Nationalists.

And she is not alone in her belief. Many Liberals now believe that Make America Great Again is now a symbol of hate. It seems to be the new thing that the MSM is harping on.

“‘Make America Great Again’ has become more than a U.S. political slogan. For [Alexandre] Bissonette and other white nationalist, radical right and anti-immigrant extremists all over the world, it’s a symbol; a kind of political messaging that transcends the specifics of country and language,” the story by HuffPost senior reporter Nick Robins-Early exclaims.

The hat and the MAGA acronym have really become shorthand for this white nationalist movement,” Barbara Perry, a professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, told HuffPost.

Trump’s campaign was anti-Muslim, and he has enacted anti-Muslim policies while in office,” said Matthew McGregor, campaign director for the British-based anti-racism advocacy group Hope Not Hate. “He has given the far right encouragement and left them with the impression that things are going their way.”

The MAGA hat, like the Confederate flag, wouldn’t elicit outraged reactions if it were only a piece of cloth that harkened back to bygone days never to be relived. But it isn’t. It is a signifier for those who believe America was great during some point in the past they dare not name, knowing if they do, it would reveal a time when it was worse for people of color. When was America “great”? When millions of black people were slaves?

When hundreds of thousands of black men were sold to US companies via convict leasing? Maybe during the heart of Jim Crow, the height of lynching, or when black people struggling with drug addictions were viewed as criminals to be controlled, not fellow human beings needing help?”

MAGA has been misconstrued it is about making America great. There are no other hidden tones there. It is not about returning America to a time of slavery or any sort of oppression. America has many freedoms that other countries do not have. But we have faltered when it comes to making our own things. We have faltered as we are not even considered the freest country anymore. America needs to get back to the craftsmanship that we used to have. We need to get back to being the freest nation.

As far as immigration goes America has always taken in migrants and we still do daily. We just want to be safe about it. Why can’t the media see that? The only reason people would see MAGA as a bad thing is because of how the MSM has warped it. They demonize the president and everything he stands for. That’s why you have people believing this nonsense. They don’t know any better, they don’t realize they are being fed hateful liberal propaganda.