Hillary Clinton Attacks Our Democracy With Her Delusions

Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. That’s a fact that most of us in America know at this point, but some Dems are still living in denial over the 2016 election. They still can’t accept that Trump is the commander in chief. Hillary Clinton has to be one of the biggest naysayers as she still to this day whines about losing the election, and questions our president’s legitimacy.

Last week, Clinton continued her “I Was Wronged in 2016” multi-year tour, this time in support of the book she co-wrote with her daughter, Chelsea, titled “The Book of Gutsy Women.”

To prove she’s a gutsy woman, she gutsily called President Trump “illegitimate” during an appearance on “The View.” The other gutsy women who host the show didn’t push back on that accusation, and the audience of gutsy women ­applauded.

The rhetoric marked an escalation from the last time she had a book to push, in 2017. That year, she was asked on NPR about whether the election’s result was illegitimate. She responded that she “wouldn’t rule it out.” Now she’s full-on ruling it in.

It’s hard to lose an election that so many assured her she would win, but Hillary’s ongoing public therapy over her loss is bad for our system. America isn’t some kind of banana republic just because Democrats lose some elections. Suggesting otherwise is civically dangerous.

A supermajority of Democrats believes voting tallies were changed to assure a Trump win. There is zero evidence that anything like this happened. If a similar share of Republicans believed in a conspiracy to steal the presidential election, the media would treat it as a scandal, and the blame would fall squarely on the leaders leading GOPers down that crazy highway.”

Hillary should just accept the facts at this point. Trump beat her fair and square even after she rigged the primary against Sanders. She cheated just to faceoff against Trump and still lost. It serves her right as Dems didn’t want her they wanted Sanders. She violated our democracy then and still does by questioning Trump’s legitimacy. She is a reminder of how lucky we are to have elected Trump.