History Shows Dems Are Out Of Line With This Witch Hunt

The Dems are going overboard with the whole impeachment farce. They don’t have the evidence to be moving forward and what they do have shouldn’t be considered a problem. A previous president did the same thing, with the key difference being that he was a Democrat. None other than Bill Clinton.

Apparently a president asking a foreign leader for help in an upcoming election dates back to at least 2000, when former President Bill Clinton asked then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair for help resolving a dispute involving British Airways, USAIR and American Airlines.

“…Clinton’s request came on February 8, 2000, as the political race was heating up and Clinton knew Vice President Al Gore would be running to succeed him.”

You’ve heard endlessly on cable news that it is unprecedented the president would seek political gain from a conversation with a foreign leader. Well, turns out, it has happened before,” Carlson said.”

Back in 2000, President Bill Clinton had a conversation with Tony Blair of the U.K. and asked him to intercede in a dispute between British Airways and two carriers. The president, at the time, was much more direct than President Trump was in his conversation.”

Clinton: No. No. I think about this more than anything else, besides he screw-ups in the Middle East. Let me ask you something on a much more mundane issue. Yesterday, I met with some cabinet members and Rodney Slater said we put some more ideas down to resolve the airport dispute we have with British Airways, USAir and American Airlines.  Would you take another look at that and see if we can get it done?

Blair:  I’m not completely familiar with that.

Clinton:  I know you’re up to your ears in other things but we’ve been dealing with this for years and it’s sort of a big deal here.  Rodney told me he put some more stuff down on the table.  In a political season, it would be big over here to get this open sore resolved.  If you could have somebody take a look at it.  I have never seen him more agitated about anything.  He is just trying to get it resolved.

Blair: Sure, I will have a look.”

Dems don’t like it when you look at past proceedings. It shows that they are full of it. No one went after Clinton for this yet but Dems feel compelled to find any reason to impeach Trump. They fail to realize that Trump is much more moderate than Pence. But typical of the Dems they are not looking at the consequences of their actions.