House Dems Pressuring Pelosi To Impeach: Trump Is “Raping The Country”

House Dems can’t help themselves. Their hate for Trump is getting out of hand, they are now trying to pressure House Speaker Pelosi into filing articles of impeachment or at least an investigation. Pelosi was actually trying to calm down her radical wing of Dems.

Amid the internal tensions, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called a special meeting of House Democrats for Wednesday morning, where the impeachment issue and other battles are expected to be discussed.

Prior meetings involving Pelosi and top Democrats held Monday evening escalated into heated exchanges, with the party torn over how to address Trump controversies — most recently, the decision to block the former White House counsel from testifying. Democratic leaders, who for the most part have not been publicly in favor of impeachment, are now finding it difficult to maintain their position as calls grow from the ranks to flip that switch.

A senior House Democrat told Fox News late Monday that Pelosi “isn’t going to be able to hold off on impeachment much longer,” and that the speaker may have to change her position “within the next two weeks.”

AOC chimed in.

Just as impeaching without cause could be construed, and is, politically motivated choosing to not impeach when there is an abundance of cause could also be construed similarly,”

You know, I trust the speaker is taking a measured approach to ensure that we’re moving everyone forward and, you know, being a speaker is hard, holding this party together is a difficult task,” the freshman congresswoman said.

“But I personally think so. I think we have to move forward.”

Her comments were actually reserved in comparison to Rep Steve Cohen.

During the Steering and Policy Committee meeting, Cohen said President Bill Clinton faced impeachment proceedings “over sex” while Trump is “raping the country,” according to two sources in the room. Cohen later confirmed his remarks.

Pelosi pushed back on Cohen during the meeting and his assertion that she was simply afraid impeachment would cost her the House majority.

“This isn’t about politics at all. It’s about patriotism. It’s about the strength we need to have to see things through,” Pelosi said, according to an aide in the room.

The speaker mentioned that Democrats have not exhausted all options to hold the administration accountable, including levying fines via a process known as inherent contempt.”

Talk about some sore losers. Dems just can’t handle that The Mueller Report gave them nothing. Now they are lashing out and demanding impeachment despite a lack of evidence.