Hillary Clinton Goes Ice Cold, Practically Scoffs At Melania Trump’s Warm Greeting

We all have Trump to thank for the bullet called Hillary Clinton that our country was able to dodge. She has been more than a little bitter ever since America once again told her No, we do not want you running the most powerful country in the world.

Her bitterness towards Trump and constant complaining really showcase the type of person she is. You’d think she would at least have the decorum to act civil at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, but Hillary lacks even that level of basic human decency.

Upon the arrival of the Trumps, Melania greeted the Obama’s and then moved on to the Clintons. Bill was more than happy to greet her and even Jimmy Carter popped up a friendly wave as he was out of reach. Hillary Clinton simply had to reach over maybe two feet to receive Melania’s greeting.

Melania had already made the effort by passing her own seat to greet the Clintons, but instead of an outreached hand of welcome, Hillary nodded at Melania rejecting her attempt to properly greet her. Melania saw that Clinton was not going to welcome a friendly handshake and responded with an awkward wave at 2 feet away.

Watch The Clip Below.

The atmosphere seemed tense as the row of leaders awaited the casket carrying the remains of the former president.

They all stared straight ahead and did not speak.

Former President George W. Bush shook hands with the entire front row when he arrived with his father’s casket.

He sat across the aisle from the row of presidents with his family but, before he took his seat, he walked over to shake hands with the Trumps, the Obamas, the Clintons, former President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter.

Such a gathering of presidents and former occupants of the Oval Office has not been seen since Trump was inaugurated.”