ICE Director Slams Dems: “Don’t Call Us Anti-Immigrant For Enforcing Your Laws” [Video]

During a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing over borders, Democratic Rep. of California Nanette Barragan attempted to chastise ICE agents for doing their job. Her long-winded speech echoed the opinions of liberals all over the Nation who believe that ICE agents are anti-immigrant. Well, the acting ICE Director shut her down.

“We love to talk about this issue of MS-13 gangs. We love to paint immigrants as criminals. That is not the complete facts and that is very offensive for me to see continuing to happen,” Barragan said as she expressed her disgust in the ICE law enforcement.

According to The Daily Wire, after continuing for another two minutes and then engaging with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello, Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan stepped in and responded to Barragan.

“First of all, no one on this panel is anti-immigrant, we are law enforcement officers that are enforcing the law that you all enacted, so to sit there and say we are anti-immigrant is just wrong,” Homan responded. “We are just enforcing the laws, if you think it’s okay to for them to enter this country and they shouldn’t be arrested that’s just wrong.”

“And no one’s up here saying all illegal aliens are criminals. A certain percentage of them certainly are criminals — they commit yet another offense after they’re here,” Homan added. “I have said many times that I certainly understand the plight of these people and I feel bad for some of these people, but I have a job to do. I have to enforce the law and uphold the oath I took to enact the laws enacted by you in Congress.”

Homan essentially shut down the Democrat’s line of accusations by stating the facts. The men and women of ICE are simply enforcing the laws that Representatives, like Barragan, put into place and are constantly criticised for doing the very job they were hired to do. How do Democrats rationalize that logic?