ICE Faces Lawsuit After Apprehending 86 Undocumented

Our country has laws that should be followed. But for some reason, liberals don’t seem to care about upholding the laws of our land. ICE raided a meat factory in Tennessee last year and now instead of receiving praise for enforcing our laws, they are getting sued.

On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against ICE, accusing the agents of “unlawful searches arrests, racial profiling and excessive force.”

Meredith Stewart, a senior supervising attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said what happened during the raid was illegal.

ICE agents stormed the meatpacking plant looking for Latino workers without knowing their identities or immigration status,” she said. “They detained those workers solely on the basis of their race, using intrusive, militaristic and even violent measures. This is law enforcement overreach, plain and simple.”

At the time of the raid, ICE said that of the 97 people detained, 86 were arrested on administrative charges and placed in deportation proceedings, with 54 placed in detention centers and 32 being released.

Since then, advocates said Thursday that 40 have been released on bond, five remain in federal custody, six have been deported and 12 agreed to voluntary departure, in which an immigrant agrees to leave the country rather than go through a formal deportation process.

Attorneys on Thursday declined to discuss the immigration status of the plaintiffs at the time of the raid, saying they did not believe it was relevant to the claims in the lawsuit and alleging that ICE agents used race as a proxy for determining workers’ suspected immigration status.”

The attorneys also breezed over the fact that the ICE agents had a warrant to search the premises for illegals. What are the attorneys expecting the agents to look for? Spanish folk are the ones that are coming over here illegally in droves. It is only natural to make the assumption that when using a warrant to search for illegals you would check the Spanish people.

I can’t speak for how aggressive they were but this lawsuit does seem on the frivolous side. They found 86 illegals. That’s a win for ICE. These lawyers are just hoping to make some money off the very agency that protects them.