Identity Of Intern Who Screamed ‘Mr. Trump F- You’ Discovered: Surprise, She Didn’t Lose Her Job

Authorities have identified the intern who screamed obscenities at President Trump as he crossed the Capitol Rotunda as being 21-year-old 21-year-old Caitlin Marriott. Marriot is currently interning in the office of Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H. That’s right, CURRENTLY.

Fox News was told she has not been terminated and will continue to work there through August.

Congressional authorities were finally able to identify Marriott and speak with her to determine if she posed a threat to the president, sources said. She raced from where she heckled Trump, forcing U.S. Capitol Police to put out a “be on the lookout” over their radios.

After deciding Marriott didn’t pose a threat to President Trump, authorities decided there was no other action they could take. However, Fox News was told that Marriott will be confined to her duties in Hassan’s office on the third floor of the Hart Senate office building and earned a week-long suspension.

As Reported By International Business Times:

Aaron Jacobs, Sen. Hassan’s communications director, said Marriott, 21, was not terminated but was only suspended for a week for her behavior. She will continue to work for the senator’s office till August.

“We are aware of the situation and have taken disciplinary action, including a one-week suspension and revoking her Congressional intern ID badge, thereby restricting her access to the Capitol, in response to her breach of office policies regarding respectful and appropriate conduct,” said Jacobs in a statement. “We also facilitated contact with Capitol police.”

Reports that Marriott was not fired from her position infuriated a number of Twitter users. “How the heck does this behavior NOT get you terminated as an intern?” wrote one user, while another tweeted, “why not fired?  should be..much worse than Rosanne Barr.”

This discovery comes after a week of heavily publicised and hostile discrimination towards Trump supporters. Such as, Sarah Sanders being asked to leave The Red Hen restaurant in Virginia. Making matter worse, Maxine Waters recent call to action for Democrats to harass MAGA supporters and staff makes you wonder just how far is this going to go.