Impatient Airline Passenger Delays Flight With Her Selfish Behavior

A Chinese Airline passenger decided she didn’t really want to go anywhere, or that’s what it seems like since she broke the rules. A female passenger was waiting for the plane to be fully boarded when she felt the plane was too stuffy. So instead of turning on the air vent above her, she reached over and opened the emergency door.

You’re not supposed to do that!

One Xiamen Airlines passenger recently delayed her flight’s departure by one hour when she opened the emergency exit door of the aircraft because she reportedly felt the cabin was “too stuffy” and wanted “a breath of fresh air.” Video footage of the unbelievable sight is said to have gone massively viral on social media in China.

On Sept. 23, the unnamed woman got hot toward the end of the boarding process for flight MF 8215, which was traveling from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to the city of Lanzhou, the Daily Express reports.”

After she opened the emergency door, police were called, forcing flight crew and other passengers bound for the city of Lanzhou, capital of China’s north-western province of Gansu, to wait in the aircraft, delaying the flight for one hour.

When authorities arrived, the passenger was arrested. Wuhan airport police have yet to release her name or age and it is unclear whether she faces an indefinite travel ban for the move.

Watch The Clip Below.

In December 2014, a male passenger on another Xiamen Airlines flight was arrested for a similar offense.

Some plane passengers worry that aircraft doors can be opened mid-flight, whether it’s by accident or on purpose.

However, whether someone wanted to open the door or not – it simply isn’t possible.

The pressure in an aircraft makes it absolutely impossible for a person to open a plane door mid-flight.”

It looks like she has all the fresh air she needs now.