It Looks Like Rep Tlaib Just Used Trump As A Scapegoat

Rep Rashida Tlaib was planning to spread her anti-Israel hate in Israel, and she would have gotten away with it too, if Israel hadn’t blocked her. But after being banned from entering Israel, Tlaib still tried to gain entry, claiming it was going to be her last chance to see her elderly grandmother. Israel Officials took pity on her situation and they granted her access but told her to keep her hate to herself. But this was not good enough as it seems she didn’t really care all that much about seeing her grandma, so she canceled her trip. So now her family is angry speaking out against Trump of all people.

“May God ruin him. I was happy that she was coming. Everyone was excited that she was coming for her grandmother to see her, Muftia Tlaib, Rashida’s grandmother said.

Her Uncle Bassam Tlaib also added his two cents.

“Rashida was expecting to see her grandmother for one last time because her grandmother is close to 90 years old. This is a tragic decision, it is a racist and unfair decision against Rashida and against her grandmother.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

What are they talking about? Rep Rashida Tlaib was given access, she just couldn’t spread her hate around. Is that so hard for the Freshmen Dem? It sounds like she told her family that she couldn’t come, but she is the one that made that decision. Israel gave her the green light to go and spend time with her family. Maybe she just doesn’t want to see them, so she is using Trump and Israel as her scapegoat. ‘I can’t make it because they are discriminating against me…’ Rep Tlaib appears to be kind of heartless here if this is her last chance to see a beloved relative. I guess spreading hate was more important to her.