Jeb Bush Defends Trump From The MSM After Bush Sr’s Death

The Mainstream Media is vicious. If you are not a leftist then you are the enemy. Trump deals with this first hand as the MSM looks for new ways to criticize the president on a daily basis. So it is no shock that the press had daggers ready when 41st president George HW Bush died. They couldn’t wait to pounce on Trump.

The MSM frenzied like sharks that smelled blood in the water, when they found out that Trump would not be giving the eulogy. There was no end to the badmouthing. The only thing that slowed the MSM onslaught was when Jeb Bush, who was grieving the loss of his father, spoke out.

Mr. Bush praised President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for their graciousness in preparations for Wednesday’s state funeral for his father, who passed away Friday.”

He acknowledged that Trump was not delivering the eulogy for his father but said that George W. Bush had “first dibs.”

“What people want to talk about is, well, why isn’t the president giving the eulogy?’” he said. “It’s because we have a unique circumstance here: my brother was president.”

Trump made sure that everything was taken care of. The supposed rivalry between Trump and The Bush Family was nowhere to be found during this solemn time.

The Trump White House has accommodated all the Bush family’s requests for the state funeral, including providing Air Force One and permitting the Bush family to stay at Blair House, the official guesthouse across the street from the White House, said a person familiar with the planning.”

People consider Trump to combative or offensive. But at the end of the day, he is fighting to better America. The press tries to make Trump sound like a villain but during debates or elections, there is always a little mudslinging. This is natural for politics. Trump is just more open about it than most presidents. And as you can see the MSM is wrong. Trump didn’t steal the stage and perform the eulogy as is the tradition. He allowed the Bush family to express themselves and honor a great man.