Jim Carrey BLASTED By Twitter Users For His Insulting Painting Of Sarah Sanders!

White House Press Secretary, Sanders, has struggled from the begin with the unused media. Sanders not only has to defend the President but often her own personal life to the outrageous left-wing media. Now, this?

The liberal media found the erratic Jim Carrey painting of Sarah Sander humorous but it looks like she’s the one who gets the last laugh!

According to Fox News, Jim Carrey faced swift backlash Sunday after the actor tweeted a painting that apparently showed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in a terrifyingly garish light. “This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!” Carrey wrote in his tweet accompanying the portrait Saturday. Though Carrey didn’t mention Sanders by name, many Twitter users knew right away who it was, The Wrap reported. But not all on Twitter were amused:

PS Republic reported,

Aging immigrant actor Jim Carrey who once was funny in his big screen hits in the 90’s has now proved just how depraved he’s become since inserting strong politics and his hateful opinion of President Donald Trump into his career. Carrey didn’t learn from his female counterpart Kathy Griffin’s devastating career demise when in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland school shooting he created a horrific “masterpiece” mocking the survivors. Now, he’s back again, but not for long, after his nasty assault on Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Canadian Carrey majorly underestimated her ability for revenge and because of that, we hope he enjoys his new home. He’s not going to like where he’s headed. Evidently, the ignorant liberal actor didn’t think that his blood-drenched flag art with a child’s body draped over it was grotesque and disrespectful enough. He also seemed to want to one-up Griffin’s decapitated Trump head replica by going after the president’s right-hand woman. Sanders is doing an incredible job in his administration despite being the constant target of attack by deranged liberal comedians.

Almost every member of the Trump Administration has taken their fair share of heat for the unpopular political beliefs that they support. It’s normal for those who oppose a President in Washington to stand up against his entire cabinet and administration. It’s not normal, however, or even okay for those attacks to bridge from the political to the personal. Sanders has had more than her fair share of this abuse from those who identify themselves with the party that is allegedly “pro-woman.”