Laura Ingraham Returns With A Fiery Retort Aimed At Her Haters

Laura Ingraham Returns With A Fiery Retort To The Liberal Bullying.

Laura Ingraham has been making news recently with her exchanges with David Hogg. As Ingraham made a slight about Hogg’s inability to get into four colleges of his choice. Hogg enraged decided to attack Ingraham, getting his fans to push her advertisers to drop her.

She made an unnecessary apology and he stuck to his boycott, as he was still sore from the comment. After the exchange, Ingraham went on a vacation to spend time with her family

But upon her return, Ingraham felt that she needed to address the elephant that is plaguing this country. Liberal’s new mission to silence opposing opinions, and infringe upon people’s first amendment rights. As Hogg had tried to do to her.

She brought up a book that describes how things were in the 70’s, the start of this intolerant movement.

“The American Left has gone from championing the freedom of speech to stifling it.”

The faculty and the administration of campuses became dominated by liberals who were desperate to turn young minds away from Reaganism and the America he represented.

These activists maintained, let’s face it as inherently racist and sexist because its founders were privileged white men.

Conservatives challenging the orthodoxy on campus were sued, maligned, and they were maligned by students and professors alike. They were subject to disciplinary action, and even physically threatened.

The ultimate goal was to bully them into silence. Of course, that effort failed.”

She goes on to say that this was the start of a horrible trend that originally was a campus problem, not a real-world issue. But these Liberals spread their message, and that message brought about a new generation that grew up thinking intolerance was ok.

This intolerance has spread, no longer is it just a college problem, and whats worse it has been ingrained in younger generations that don’t know any better.

According to a poll, 51% of college students think it is ok to shout out a controversial speaker. So they’d rather yell and scream than hear an opposing view. Is this how the future generations will deal with controversy?

Watch Ingraham Below.

“My friends, something alarming is taking place,” she said. “The free speech clause of our Constitution doesn’t just apply to speech that our elites deem acceptable.

“We indeed are reaching a crisis point. Where cultural walls are now being erected, to conscript and still free speech in America.

“But we cannot let this continue.”