Teacher BUSTED Trying To Sabotage GOP Candidates [Video]

A Florida Hugh School teacher was busted stealing Republican campaign signs from right outside of the Florida GOP headquarters! Florida’s GOP HQ has reported several thefts of their signs and it looks like they got their criminal. The teacher admitted to the ‘crime’ and gave the most ridiculous explanation.

Her reason?

According to The Blaze, She told the station she thought the signs had been placed illegally and that her taking them earlier this month was an “accident.”

Mary Dobbins, a special education teacher at Westside High School, added to WTLV that after she realized her mistake, she called the GOP and returned the signs.

But the GOP office told the station Dobbins didn’t contact them and that their signs are still gone.

GOP volunteer Karen Morton added to WTLV that their campaign signs have been disappearing since July, and a spokesperson called Dobbins a “serial sign stealer” — but headquarters officials weren’t planning on pursuing charges because they don’t want her to lose her job.


As Reported By First Coast News:

A shopper in the parking lot of the shopping center took the photos of the signs being taken. A police report has been filed and police said that sealing a sign is a misdemeanor but due to the number of signs the cost could be raised to a felony charge, according to Morton.

Former Jacksonville City Councilman Doyle Carter says he’s also a victim of Dobbins. He says he caught her taking his signs back in August.

“She got scared so she started to put them back but she didn’t remember where she got them so she just put them in places,” said Doyle. “It’s not fair to the little guy who is trying to get his name out and the supporters trying to support that candidate.”