Los Angeles’ New Level of Filth Makes 3rd-World-Countries Look Good

California cities are getting filthy as they are being neglected by their Liberal leadership. Los Angeles now has a booming rat population, to match its high homeless population.

On top of that people are getting sick with Typhus a sickness caused by poor sanitary conditions.

“California is being overrun by rodents,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California. “Without immediate emergency action by state and local government, we face significant economic costs and risk a public health crisis.”

Rats can carry disease like the Bubonic Plague.

Contrary to common belief, being bitten by a rodent is rare and is not the most common way diseases are spread. Nonetheless, reports of city workers being bitten by rodents is on the rise – with most recent cases being reported in Los Angeles,” the report notes. “Two other vehicles of transmission are far more prevalent: fleas and urine droppings.”

But the Liberal leaders don’t seem to care that there are 59,000 homeless or that their cities are becoming overrun with rodents. No instead they are actually working on passing legislation to ban effective rat poison.

“First, the homeless population increase, which provides a source of food which supports population growth,” he said. “Second, many local governments, including Los Angeles, have banned the most effective practices for detecting and eradicating rats.”

“Instead of acting to address this developing crisis, California state lawmakers are just days away from passing legislation to ban the best rodent-control tools and methods available and would require use of less effective, so-called `green alternatives,”‘ DeMaio said. “It’s madness.

Besides a 12 percent spike in homelessness in Los Angeles County in the past year, another problem is illegal dumping. Last month, FOX 11 reported that Los Angeles County cited 85 downtown businesses for not having proper trash receptacles, exacerbating the problem of illegal dumping.”

This is just the quality leadership that Liberals bring to the table. At this rate, we might as well tape off the whole state and consider it condemned.