Mad Maxine Waters Under Scrutiny Over Campaign Funding Scheme

Maxine Waters is known for her “Impeach 45” rhetoric. But for a politician making loud accusations of corruption, it turns out her own house might not be in order. Waters has gone silent in light of the report that she may be using a loophole to gain additional campaign funds. The current rule only allows contributions of up to $2,700 but Waters looks to have been getting a lot more just through alternate means.

The National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative watchdog group, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Waters, her campaign and a pro-charter school group called Families and Teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa — which backed the former Democratic mayor of Los Angeles.”

“The pro-Villaraigosa group paid $25,000 to the Citizens for Waters Committee on May 25 to include Villaraigosa in her slate mailer, according to the complaint. FEC guidelines, however, say only a candidate’s committee can pay for the mailers — sample ballots traditionally mailed out to about 200,000 voters in Los Angeles highlighting whom Waters supports.”

“Federal law technically limits individual campaign contributions to $2,700 to a candidate’s committee and $5,000 to a political action committee. But the mailers are treated differently.”

So Waters has been using her mailers to boost campaign funding. She has been selling off space on the mailers to find a way around FEC limitations.  Waters conveniently has employed her daughter, Karen Waters and/or public relations firm, Progressive Connections to handle the production and distribution. So she is keeping the money in-house.

Funny how Waters went quiet when the FEC was brought up. It’s almost like she knows that she is in the wrong. But how else is she going to afford her life of luxury? The taxes on her 4.3 million dollar mansion have to be paid somehow.

Looks like there is a chance to paint Maxine Waters in a bad light right before the midterm elections. If we are lucky this could be the year that we stop hearing from that obnoxious Trump hater. Down with Maxine!