Mainstream Media Barely Covers A Massacre And Here’s Why [Video]

Mainstream Media only scratched the surface of what would normally be a big story. In China, a 28-year-old man in the name of vengeance attacked a school armed with a Knife. That’s right a knife, and with that knife, he killed 9 and injured another 10 people. Seven Girls and 2 boys were killed during the attack. The man attacked the school because he had been bullied there when he was younger. The attacker identified as Zhao had resorted to using a knife as most in China do.

China tightly restricts private gun ownership, making knives and homemade explosives most common weapons in violent crimes.”

Looks like all that ‘gun control’ cured the people of violence….. If anything this whole case just proves that guns are not the problem as people will still be violent and just find other means to harm others.

Watch The Video Below.

And there are plenty of examples where knives were used in mass murders.

Knife attacks have made the headlines in China in recent years:

  • A spate of unconnected stabbings at schools between 2010 and 2012 left at least 25 dead and more than 100 injured
  • In July 2017, two people died and nine were injured by a knife-wielding man at a Wal-Mart supermarket in the southern city of Shenzhen
  • In February, a knifeman killed a woman and injured 12 others at a Beijing shopping center

This is a story that needs to be heard as a counter to all of that anti-gun disarm America narrative. The narrative that has people destroying their weapons or under the ridiculous notion that guns are the problem. When there is plenty of evidence as seen in this story that negates all of their BS.