Major Over Reach: School Bans Student Over “Threatening” Video His Mom Posted [Watch]

People these days are scared as Liberals and Gun Control nuts make it out like guns are getting up on their own and shooting people. That’s exactly what happened in this case as a student has found himself banned from campus after he posted a few videos on Snapchat.

A 16-year-old Loveland High School junior has been told not to come back to class until the school can conduct a full investigation into an anonymous tip to “Safe-2-Tell” of a “threatening” Snapchat by the student.

Nathan Myers and his mother Justine Myers said the Snapchat video of several handguns was taken while the family was preparing to spend the afternoon at a shooting range on Tuesday. The caption on it: “Finna be lit,” was simply Nathan’s way of saying he was excited to be out shooting with his family using slang in common use among his peers, Nathan said.

Complete Colorado sent Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams the Snapchat with no context to what was happening and asked him how he would interpret the post, he said it appeared to him someone got a new gun and was excited to go shoot it.

When told of the outcome, Reams could not believe one person’s fears were causing such a shakeup for another. He said this is the perfect example of the damage the Red Flag Law could do.

“People base their apprehension on their own paradigm and their own fear of guns and gun culture,” Reams said. “One kid is totally excited to go out and train on how to use a gun responsibly, while another kid is totally freaked out about seeing a gun.”

Justine said she and her husband took Nathan shooting yesterday because he hadn’t been in a while.

“We had a great day,” Justine said. “This is what we do. Nathan has been shooting many times with us. We are huge Second Amendment supporters.”

Nathan, who lives full time with his father, said it was the first time he’d seen his mom in a couple of weeks and he was excited to go, which is what led to the Snapchat.

Watch The Harmless Videos Below.

Nathan Meyers is now going to have to try and catch up on school work as the school will not even allow him to access missed work yet. He is being suspended for spending quality time with his mom at the gun range. This is the sad state of affairs we live in where despite the police deeming the situation innocent, the school is still penalizing the student.