Mark Levin Tells Hannity The MSM Wants “To Take The President Out”

The MSM has shown it’s hand time and time again. They seem to be more about slandering the president than actually informing the public of any news. Hannity had on Best Selling Author Mark Levin, who believes the MSM’s main goal is to take out Trump.

Rather than being governed by right and wrong, the media is motivated by one simple goal — taking President Trump “out,” according to Mark Levin.

They don’t care about right and wrong. They’re driven by ideology,” Levin told Hannity…” “The fellow conservatives covered the Trump-Russian collusion investigation, which Hannity said the mainstream media spectacularly botched.”

Purposely,” Levin replied. “They want to take the president out. They decide what’s in the news and what’s left out of the news.

That’s why for them, there’s a red line in all these issues involving the dossier, and all these issues involving spying. They dismiss them. They dismiss the people who speak about it.”

Levin’s statements make sense.  Look at Don Lemon over at CNN he was recently claiming that Trump is trying to make himself a Dictator or King.

“You’ve got to wonder why this president loves to surround himself with strongmen, dictators. He’s met with them in the Oval Office. He’s met with them around the world,” Lemon said during a Wednesday broadcast, pointing to Trump’s meetings with Saudi Arabian, Turkish, Egyptian, North Korean leaders.”

He then proceeded to play clips of Nadler who straight out claims that Trump wants to be a king or Tyrant.

Lemon is not an outlier. The MSM is constantly either bashing the president or having people on that will rant and rave about how the president is the Devil. MSNBC’s Joy Reid has Rep. Maxine Waters on all the time and Waters can not help herself. You put a camera in front of her and she is going to call for the president’s impeachment.

Levin is right the MSM become more about pushing the an anti-Trump narrative than any actual news. The worst part is half of the country can’t see this and when you tell them you are as Nadler put it, a purveyor of hate, AKA a Trump supporter, they think you are crazy because that is what most of the Media has force fed them.