Maybe This Is Why The Left Is Calling Everyone Racist

The Dems have gotten out of hand. The other day Pelosi passed a resolution claiming Trump is a racist. There was, of course, an uproar as this is not allowed on the House floor, but it seems the Dems are calling just about anyone that disagrees with them, a racist. Just look at the Freshmen Dems calling Pelosi a racist for singling them out. Former Rep Gingrich thinks he knows why these Dems are going wild with these unfounded accusations, and it has to do with votes, not bigotry.

The left is desperate to turn any traditional patriotic appeal into an act of racism.

The left is desperate to smear Republicans and moderate Democrats as racists.

Part of this desperation is in the left’s inability to debate the facts and their hope that strong smears can shame their opponents out of broaching the argument.

Part of this desperation is in the left’s growing realization that President Trump and the Republicans are beginning to attract minority support in a serious way.

The 2018 election was a watershed in the shift of minority voters toward Republicans.

Consider the example of the very left-wing African-American female candidate for governor in Georgia. She alienated enough African-American males with her radicalized platforms that the Republican candidate wound up with a significant percentage of African-American male votes.

In Florida, a left-wing African-American candidate for governor lost almost one out of five African- American female votes because of his opposition to school choice.

In Michigan, a charismatic Republican African-American veteran and businessman, John James, received more votes for the Senate in Michigan than any Republican since the year 2000. James is running again, and if he wins, the historic monopoly that the left has on the African-American vote will collapse.

All around the country, President Trump is attracting Latinos to his rallies in record numbers. There is strong support in the Latino community for job creation, income growth, small business prosperity, and enforcing the law.

The left’s reaction to these threats has been hysteria.”

This is typical of the left. Remember when Trump won the elections? Groups of liberals got together around the country to scream out their anger/frustration at the sky. Because that’s productive. Now they are just hoping that some of their unfounded claims of racism, win them a few extra votes from minorities that don’t see through their BS.