Megyn Kelly Comes To Trump’s Defense

The media seems to be up in arms when it comes to Trump’s Supreme Court Of The United State’s Justice decision. But it is to be expected considering their overwhelming Liberal bias. But surprising an NBC host has come forward to defend Trump Former Lawyer, Megyn Kelly.

Kelly seems to believe that all of this outcry is ridiculous. She thinks the Democrats lost back in 2016 and need to stop griping. If they wanted a Democrat in office they should have come out to the polls and made their voices heard. She said as much on her Megyn Kelly Roundtable.

“The Democrats lost this fight on November 8, 2016. The only question now is whether Brett Kavanaugh is qualified to take this office or is so radical that no reasonable person would put him on the Supreme Court.”

“Trump deserves his choice, just like Obama deserved his choice, They’re bitter!” She said referring to the riled Democrats.

“I think what we’re going to see as we’re moving forward — we’re seeing it right here at the table — is that there’s going to be a huge fight over the direction of the court,” Amy Holmes, a PBS show host, said.

Kelly even went on to defend a criticism of Kavanaugh where he wrote about how sitting presidents should not be subject to criminal investigations. Kelly clarified that this was well before his appointment back in the late 90’s during the time of Clinton and Bush.

“He wrote that in a law review article back in 1998 and never submitted it as a proposed law or an actual change. He said Congress ought to do something to protect a sitting president from dealing with that nonsense.”

She finished strong reiterating that the Democrats should have stepped up for the presidential election. Now they only have themselves to blame for this outcome.

“They should’ve taken out their bitterness on November 8, 2016,” Kelly stated referring to the Presidential Election.

This must have been an eye-opener for NBC’s normal viewers, who were likely expecting their normal anti-republican programming. Kelly makes a strong argument for the president’s right to choose. The Democrats are just upset that they were politically outmaneuvered before.
*This was prior to the retraction NBC ran about some special negotiation making Kavanaugh a shoe-in. So Megyn was unaware that it was a bogus story she was spreading a the beginning of the segment.*