Michael Moore Claims Biden Is The New Hillary

Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber,” where they discussed Biden’s performance. Moore claimed that Biden is faltering when it comes to the Ukraine incident. He thinks that despite what polls are saying about Biden being a frontrunner he will not be able to take on Trump if he can’t handle the heat.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore branded 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden “this year’s Hillary” during a television interview on Tuesday, and said the former vice president appears to be “afraid” of discussing his son’s business involvement in Ukraine.

“Joe Biden is this year’s Hillary,” Moore said, lamenting that Biden has not been more forceful in denying the allegations of impropriety. “Joe Biden is not going to excite the base to get out there and vote on November 3, 2020.”

“The things that he said publicly are very strong,” Moore continued. “But it looks like he’s not really wanting to deal with it. He’s afraid to be out there.”

“…I don’t think anybody sitting there at home right now with their TV dinner going, ‘What? Joe Biden’s son got a good job out of this?'”

Liberals, however, were not amused with his opinion and can’t fathom Trump winning in 2020. So they took to Twitter to bash him.

Good God @MSNBC – can you please spare me Michael Moore bashing Biden & claiming he won’t “excite” the base? I am the base. I am for Warren. If Biden is the nominee, I WILL BE excited for him. We are not doing 2016 again with this “excitement” BS. F*** that. Seriously.”

New rule: any TV host who books that assclown Michael Moore automatically gets their show canceled. Moore and his dishonest BS over the past few years have done more to put Trump and the GOP in power than anyone else on this planet.”

And here I thought Dems like Moore. But it appears he has lost favor for being critical about the presidential candidates. I guess Dems don’t like anyone that asks questions.