Mitch McConnell Lets Dems Know They Are Wasting Their Time

Nancy Pelosi recently called for an impeachment investigation into Trump, she caved to the progressives in her party that can no longer contain their Trump hate. The House Dems seem to think their case is pretty strong despite their evidence being all hearsay. But even if they try to impeach the president, we still have the senate to put an end to this foolishness. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has made it clear that he intends to help any meritless impeachment measure passed by the house find it’s way to the trash.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s comment this week that the Senate would be forced to “take up” articles of impeachment from the House had the capital in a swirl, bracing for a full-blown Senate trial of President Trump. But as things now stand, any trial would likely be swift, ending in dismissal of the accusations.

While the focus was on the statement by Mr. McConnell, the majority leader, that the Senate would have “no choice” but to begin an impeachment proceeding, it was his next line that might have been more telling: “How long you are on it is a whole different matter.”

The fusty rules of the Senate make clear that Republicans could not unilaterally stonewall articles of impeachment of Mr. Trump as they did the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick B. Garland. But Mr. McConnell’s declaration suggests the Republican-controlled Senate could move expeditiously to toss them out if Republicans conclude the House impeachment is meritless, or a strictly partisan affair.

“I don’t think they could just duck it,” said Donald A. Ritchie, historian emeritus of the Senate. “It is a constitutional responsibility. When you look at the weight of history, I think they would feel they have to do something. They would have to decide how abbreviated they wanted to make it.”

Judging by the initial Senate Republican response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry after a whistle-blower’s complaint detailed Mr. Trump’s pressuring of the leader of Ukraine to investigate a political rival, Republicans would want it to be quite short. Nearly all Senate Republicans have scoffed at the idea of an impeachment vote in the House, let alone a conviction in the Senate that would force Mr. Trump’s removal from office. That could conceivably change, of course, if new damaging information emerged.”

This is just a repeat of the Mueller Report where the Dems tried to inflate the importance. This too shall pass. The hardcore Dems are just going to hold onto it for dear life as they still can’t accept that Trump is their president.