MLK Jr’s Niece Shows Support For Trump Wall, Left Is Totally Confused [Details]

While some in the nation find a border wall barbaric and don’t understand the necessity of properly vetting people who want passage into our nation African American leaders unite to support the President’s efforts to secure U.S. borders.

Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is the founder of King for America wrote an amazing piece outlining that support. Ms. King has spoken in defense of President Trump in the past stating that it’s “outrageous calling Trump racist“.

Ms. King writes: “As an African American voice for justice, a defender of the sanctity of life, and perhaps most importantly, a Christian evangelist, I stand with President Trump as he labors to build a wall. From my perspective, compassion trumps terror. Our prayers are needed more than ever. We must rally around the wall to avert crisis.

Having survived, and in many cases overcome tyranny, oppression and racism in America, we as African Americans are close to the heartbeat of justice and compassion. We are not color blind. Our hearts are touched by the plight of all children and their families – not just at the border, but here at home as well.

Children in the womb, in cribs, in school, in jail, with parents behind bars, on the streets, at our borders – many are in danger. We must have responsible compassion for them all.

My goddaughter, Angela Stanton King, cofounder of the American King Foundation writes: “The process of draining the swamp, is a process of seeking genuine true justice, jubilee, pardon, and forgiveness. We’re going to continue to discover that there are some very thin lines between right, wrong, justice, and injustice. Meanwhile, we live in a world where security is necessary. The Wall plan is viable.”

Rev. Bill and Dr. Deborah Owens, Founders of CAAP write: “Christians have a responsibility to help those in need, including the undocumented immigrants at our southern border. At the same time, we must also respect the need to secure our borders and ensure the safety of all U.S. citizens. The African-American community has been gravely injured by unfettered illegal immigration, which has resulted in loss of jobs, loss of housing, and other economic hardship.”

Collectively, we stand with President Trump in the battle for the soul of America. I’m praying that POTUS builds the wall in the manner that Ezra and Nehemiah did in days of old.

As Commander and Chief of America, POTUS is fighting for the soul of our nation. ”

She goes on to add how Americans strive to welcome immigrants who enter The United States lawfully and praised ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for their hard work in preventing illegal immigrants and known criminals from crossing.

“Today, I join my colleagues in the faith in a cry for prayer and compassion as we face this present danger.

Speaking from a platform in support of diversity and compassion, Bruce LeVell, Executive Director of NDC Trump writes: “As a follower of Christ, my convictions are to set up processes to aid those subjected to evil. Meanwhile, we must protect our citizens. Mr. President, build that wall!”

If you get time, I highly recommend reading her full story: “Alveda King: African American Leaders Unite to Support Trump’s Wall”