Mother Kills Son For Not Being in the LGBT

This story reminds you that there are sick people in this world. To abuse your child like this over something so trivial… A seven-year-old boy, Karol Ramon, was beaten to death, and according to some media outlets it may have been due to his refusal to dress like a girl. The boy was brought to the hospital by his mother only after they realized they went too far.

The mother of the child, identified only as Margarita, was the one who took the child to take him to the emergency room of a community hospital, but he was dead on arrival.

The authorities were surprised to see the body of the child, but the surprise was worse when they performed an autopsy on the child.”

“Based on the first reports, the child showed traces of having received hammer blows and lashes, in addition to presenting scars caused by burns with cigarettes.

Based on the data generated at the site, allegedly the wounds that Karol Ramón had were a broken leg, bruises, scars, as well as blows to the abdomen that could have caused the bursting of the viscera, although the latter did not it was confirmed.”

“The murder of ” Karol Ramón ” was recorded within the first quarter of this 2019 and according to different media, the last beating the child received was for refusing to dress as a child.”

“The child’s mother was arrested and a judge determined that she will spend at least four months in pre-trial detention accused of the murder of her son.

Although the same Televisa portal assures that the woman’s partner is fugitive, other publications maintain that she declared against the mother of the child, explaining that the abuse against the child took months.”

Karol Ramon was staying with his grandmother until he was released into his mother’s care at six years old. The grandmother had wanted to keep custody but did not know how to get him back. And now it’s too late.

What a monster… His own mother.