MSM Caught Red-Handed Lying About Trump And It’s A Doozie!

The MSM is constantly going on about how Trump likes dictators and they always infer that he wants to be one too.

CNN’s Lemon is guilty of this behavior and so is Rep Nadler who once claimed he knew what Trump was thinking. But this time it was Time Magazine Foreign Affairs Columnist and Editor, Ian Bremmer.

Bremmer claimed that while Trump was in Tokyo he claimed Kim Jong Un would make a better president than Biden.

President Trump in Tokyo: ‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.'”

It was shared widely by Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., a prominent Trump critic, and a swath of commentators and journalists, including anti-Trump analyst Ana Navarro-Cardenas.”

Bremmer initially defended the tweet, writing that he believed it was both obviously ludicrous “and yet kinda plausible.”

“Especially on Twitter, where people automatically support whatever political position they have. That’s the point,” he wrote.

But he apologized Monday as media coverage grew, saying he had made the quote in jest.

“My tweet yesterday about Trump preferring Kim Jong Un to Biden as President was meant in jest,” he wrote. “I should have been clearer. My apologies.”

Trump also caught wind of it and tweeted the following in response:

“.@ianbremmer now admits that he MADE UP “a completely ludicrous quote,” attributing it to me. This is what’s going on in the age of Fake News. People think they can say anything and get away with it. Really, the libel laws should be changed to hold Fake News Media accountable!”

Trump is right. The MSM is getting away with slander on the regular. They claimed that Trump was colluding with Russia for years and many of the MSM hosts still insinuate that he did even after the results of the Mueller Report.

Maybe we do need a law on the books that forces reporters to be honest…