MSNBC’s Scarborough Gets Schooled by a Marine over His “Weapons of War” Comment

Morning Joe came out against AR-15s claiming they are “Weapons of War.” He had the gall to call himself a supporter of the 2nd Amendment after encouraging a ban.

He tweeted the following.

“Here’s an article from 1981 explaining how the Pentagon’s failure to use the AR-15 in Vietnam cost American lives. The AR-15 was proven to be lighter & more lethal than the M-14 or M-16. It was designed exclusively by Eugene Stoner to kill people in war.”

He then linked an article by the Atlantic about how the AR-15 is a superior weapon to the M-14 or M-16. But if you take the time to read it, they were talking about fully automatic AR-15s. Which is different than the semi-automatics they sell to civilians.

By opinion poll, the experimentation troops favor the [AR-15] because of its demonstrated characteristics of lightness in weight, reliability, balance and grip, and freedom from recoil and climb on full automatic.”

Joe then tweeted his opinion as if it were supported by the article.

“As a longtime gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, I agreed with the Supreme Court’s “Heller” holding that concluded Americans had the right to keep and bear arms. But that constitutional protection did not, and will not, extend to guns designed as weapons of war.”

I question whether Scarborough actually read the article. It seems like all he took from it was that the military liked AR-15s over M-14 and M-16s.

As a supposed 2nd Amendment advocate you’d think he would have noticed that the article was referring to fully automatic AR-15s. It could be that he is just another Dem that doesn’t understand the difference between Semi-automatic vs fully automatic weapons.

But if that were not the case he also received a free lesson about supposed “Weapons of War” from a Marine.

It seems like Scarborough is echoing presidential candidate O’Rourke. O’Rourke has also spoken out against AR-15s claiming they should not be sold in the United States anymore.