Mueller Finally Admits Trump Is NOT A Criminal Target

Special Counsel Meuller Admits To Trump Attorney That He Is Not A Criminal Target But…

While it doesn’t mean the witch-hunt is over, Meuller finally admitting that there isn’t any evidence against President Trump is a huge step in the right direction.

In True Meuller fashion, he still left the table with an ominous message- that he can still investigate Trump’s presidency.

Meuller added that he would still like to interview trump to ‘rule out’ any knowledge President Trump may have in regards to the Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. Trump has said on several occasions he had no knowledge and stated that he wants to meet with Meuller.

His legal team has advised otherwise, and so the dilemma ensues.

According To The Washington Post:

Mueller reiterated the need to interview Trump — both to understand whether he had any corrupt intent to thwart the Russia investigation and to complete this portion of his probe, the people said.

Mueller’s description of the president’s status has sparked friction within Trump’s inner circle as his advisers have debated his legal standing. The president and some of his allies seized on the special counsel’s words as an assurance that Trump’s risk of criminal jeopardy is low.

Other advisers, however, noted that subjects of investigations can easily become indicted targets — and expressed concern that the special prosecutor was baiting Trump into an interview that could put the president in legal peril.

John Dowd, Trump’s top attorney dealing with the Mueller probe, resigned last month amid disputes about strategy and frustration that the president ignored his advice to refuse the special counsel’s request for an interview, according to a Trump friend.

Trump’s chief counsel, Jay Sekulow, and Dowd declined to comment for this report. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders referred questions to White House attorney Ty Cobb.